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OmniVis - Putting the Power of a Lab in the Palm of Your Hand

OmniVis technology has the ability to help communities around the world struggling with access to clean water and sanitation by giving them the power to test samples directly from the field and upload data onto a cloud based platform for future tracking.


  • More efficient and proactive water source testing for cholera, protecting patients and getting treatment for cholera at a faster rate.
  • OmniVis makes handheld devices to rapidly detect for dangerous pathogens, anywhere in the world.

Main Features

  • OmniVis’ data gathering & reporting tools provide insights over disease hotspots; enabling earlier warning before widescale outbreaks occur.
  • Detect cholera baterium in 30 minutes using mobile app technology instead of 3-5 days waiting on a lab.

Primary Audience

  • Populations suffering from cholera and cholera-stricken water sources.