Arch - Real-Time & Predictive Intelligence for Your Operations

Automatic data from every machine that tells you 1) what your utilization is, 2) where the root causes are, and 3) the non-obvious actions to drive meaningfully toward your utilization targets.


  • Employees at every level can now focus on the best opportunities for improving manufacturing operations performance and asset utilization.
  • Understand your entire plant as well as see line-by-line and machine-by-machine metrics, helping you hit targets, manage downtime, and more.
  • Defects are predicted in advance, energy use is optimized, maintenance is predicted and automatically scheduled

Main Features

  • Gives manufacturers the accurate, continuously up-to-date view of the performance of their global manufacturing operations.
  • We extract data from any machine, standardize it, and provide an edge and cloud-based platform for predictive analytics.
  • We make the building blocks of Industry 4.0 technology available for sustainable development.

Primary Audience

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Supply Chain Industry
  • Water and Utilities Industry
  • Developing Communities Looking to Bring Outdated Machines Digital