WattTime - Power to Choose Clean Energy

WattTime is a nonprofit that offers technology solutions that make it easy for anyone to achieve emissions reductions without compromising cost, comfort, and function. WattTime invented Automated Emissions Reduction (AER), which allows utilities, IoT device and energy storage companies, and any end user to effortlessly reduce emissions from energy, when and where they happen.


  • AER is a flexible solution that can be tailored in various ways to provide substantial value across many audiences.
  • API provides the building blocks to integrate marginal carbon emissions data into a variety of applications
  • Now any electricity-using, internet-connected device can automatically run at times when energy is cleanest.

Main Features

  • Our breakthrough, proprietary technology detects which power plants are powering your devices and when.
  • Our solutions can empower any IoT device, from thermostats to electric vehicles, to automatically prioritize energy from cleaner generation

Primary Audience

  • Utilities & Energy Storage including Power Plants
  • Electric Transportation & Mobility
  • Organizational Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Regulators