FlockFrieght - Ship With Purpose, Ship Together

Flock Freight exists to make the freight industry a better place for shippers, carriers, and the environment. Our goal is to end the tug of war between shippers and carriers by giving shippers top-tier shared truckload service and helping carriers maximize revenue with multi-stop loads.


  • We get your shipment to its destination damage-free and on time, every time.
  • FlockDirect is the only carbon neutral shipping option available to shippers at no extra cost.
  • Switch to shared truckload to improve on-time delivery, reduce damage by 100x, and eliminate your freight’s carbon footprint.
  • Speed up revenue flow by sending freight right away.
  • You choose your pickup and delivery dates and times, reducing late fees for missed appointments.

Main Features

  • Shared Truckload - Unlock the benefits of full truckload by sharing trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload.
  • Our proprietary algorithms optimize your route, and we have the technical expertise to integrate with your systems.
  • FlockDirect - Shipments move via shared truckload, skipping the inefficient LTL hub and spoke system and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Primary Audience

  • Shipping and Delivery Industry
  • Any business looking to reduce carbon footprint in deliveries
  • Government Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies