Wexus Technologies

Wexus Technologies, Inc. is focused on one of the great challenges of our time: optimizing our energy, water and food resources in the face of growing populations and climate change. Make your farm more competitive, profitable, & valuable with Wexus’ mission critical IoT technology platform.


  • Earn annual dollar savings off your energy bill, real hard dollar ROI through our patented features, utility rebate and financing program.
  • Save labor hours every month by eliminating manual data entry for utility bills and water usage tracking.
  • Remotely verify your irrigation schedule, keep operators in the field on track, shift irrigation scheduling away from expensive peak hours.
  • A “whole farm” approach to energy usage & costs with year-over-year trends, rate analysis, ranch & equipment disaggregation, & more.

Main Features

  • Optimize your farm's mission critical energy and water usage with automated tracking, reporting, and controls.
  • Wexus remotely connects with your utility data to track irrigation pumps, buildings, processing equipment & solar arrays via IoT cloud tech.

Primary Audience

  • Agricultural Industry
  • Energy and Water Management
  • Farmers
  • Government Agencies for Land Management