Kover - Big Company Benefits for Gig Workers

By Kover
Portable benefits for gig workers - Paid time off, sick leave, 24/7 health service, legal protection, automatic mileage tracking. All the benefits and perks you need in one membership. Starting at $7/month.


  • Currently, the plan protects 80% of your income if you are involved in an auto accident, hospitalized, or are temporarily deactivated.
  • Benefits go with you, not the Gig App companies. Feel like earning the Instacart today and Lyft tomorrow? Your benefits carry over.
  • No annual contracts. Get your benefits on month-to-month subscriptions that can be cancelled or paused anytime.
  • Kover doesn't profit from excess premium. We take a small flat fee and put the rest into the funding pool.
  • 100% independent from any gig App companies. Staying independent incentivizes us to be on your side.

Main Features

  • Being a gig economy worker is hard. is a product that makes life a little easier for us all.
  • It provides income replacement, medical and legal help, and gives gig economy workers whether they do rideshare, delivery, etc.

Primary Audience

  • Gig Work Industry
  • Startups and Nonprofits
  • HR/Benefits Industry