Savviest - The only platform you need to land this job - and the next

Superpowers for your job search - Creating a new resume and cover letter for every job has never been so easy. Savviest is like having a professional coach by your side every step of the way


  • Get personalized job scores and commute times for every position, then organize and track each application.
  • No need to copy/paste between old resumes every time you need a new document. Never worry about forgetting to include something important.
  • Save and track all of your applications right in Savviest to remember where you are and when to follow up.

Main Features

  • Savviest uses AI to build and optimize every resume and cover letter for every application with a single click.
  • 75% of employers use Applicant Tracking Systems, automatically reading & evaluating resumes. We know how to get you past automated systems.

Primary Audience

  • Universities and Colleges
  • HR Industry
  • Individuals Applying for Jobs
  • Mentor/Coaching Industry