Create Inclusive Workplaces with Workologie

Workologie, supports underrepresented employees with the resources, tools and knowledge needed to drive upward mobility in their own careers and champion change within their organization. Women and people of color are doing the hard and pioneering work of advancing inclusion in the workplace and having to educate those around them.


  • We take the burden out of event planning through the coordination of end-to-end events
  • We purposefully work with businesses owned and operated by women and people of color
  • Workologie brings educational and informational programming to offices in a casual and collaborative setting

Main Features

  • Workologie lets ERGs create the trackers that make sense to them and eliminate the extra noise
  • Becoming part of the Workologie community means expanded idea exchange and collaboration between ERGs and organizations
  • Workologie allows ERGs and ERG members to easily capture programming impact, funding, membership and professional development markers
  • Workologie gets all ERGs in the same communication stream to easily manage conversation between each other and amongst themselves

Primary Audience

  • Underrepresented groups in the workplace
  • Employee resource groups