HIVE - A Recruiting Platform Built for Equity and Powered by Inclusion

With a focus on simplifying and democratizing the early career recruitment process, the HIVE platform builds meaningful engagement between businesses and an ever-evolving diverse community of next generation talent.


  • Get excited about proactively engaging the next generation of talent through HIVE DIVERSITY.
  • Helper B escorts you through our HIVE5 Process, which includes content that best prepares you for the internship/job hunt.
  • Access curated career and professional development content and programs, and of course, our community of companies who value diversity.

Main Features

  • Companies: At HIVE, our one community of everything and everyone is what diversity in the professional world is meant to be.
  • Students and Grads: Stand out to potential employers by completing our gamified experience and use our patented resume technology.
  • Students and Grads: Your perfectly formatted resume and digital application showcase your background, experience, skills and interests.

Primary Audience

  • HR industry
  • Any Organization Looking to be Inclusive
  • Schools and Universities