Mission Asset Fund - Lending Circles and Loans for Financial Fairness

Our vision is to create a fair financial marketplace for hardworking people. Because when one person is invisible, stuck or strapped, it hurts an entire family. And when one family suffers, the whole community suffers. That’s why we work to make Lending Circles and other loan products available nationwide. Our work is built on hidden strengths: of people, of nonprofits, of communities.


  • Leverages user-centered design principles to expand programs nationwide
  • Made-easy navigation of the financial marketplace
  • Recognize and promote the resilience of low-income communities

Main Features

  • Lending Circles 0% interest credit-building loans
  • Business development programs
  • Immigration programs
  • Financial education

Primary Audience

  • Low-income advocacy organizations
  • Immigration agencies and non-profits
  • Entrepreneurs