Safely provides Sexual Health at your Fingertips

The Safely app allows users to manage their personal sexual health privately and securely. Users can import and view their STD status, share results with their partner, schedule testing, and speak with a provider - all through a HIPAA compliant, encrypted app.


  • PRIVATE: your status is never displayed anywhere other than your phone
  • SECURE: Results are securely imported from the electronic health records of your provider
  • HIPAA COMPLIANT: Import your results from any provider with our secure, encrypted technology
  • FAST: Get tested in as little as 15 minutes

Main Features

  • IMPORT TEST RESULTS: From any physician, clinic, or lab where you were last tested
  • SHOW YOUR STATUS: Privately on the screen of your own phone
  • GET TESTED: Skip the doctor and get tested at over 30,000 labs nationwide

Primary Audience

  • Sexually active adults