Nearpeer - Harness the Power of Peer Engagement

Our student platform is a catalyst for meaningful connections and a sense of belonging throughout the student journey. Students connect, engage, and build relationships with other students in Nearpeer, which measurably improves enrollment and persistence.


  • Leverage advanced, multi-dimensional matching algorithms to help your students find other students "like them".
  • Build student confidence in social fit and sense of belonging to improve enrollment yield and reduce melt.
  • Create accessible, inclusive spaces for more authentic peer-to-peer dialogues and intentional friendships.
  • Enhance the orientation and first-year experience by helping all students, including introverts, connect with their peers.

Main Features

  • Improve enrollment, equity, and the learning experience when your students engage with each other.
  • Research says nearly 75% of incoming students just want to make new friends. It's their top priority. We can help you help them.

Primary Audience

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Student Immigration Services