Hippo Technologies - Transforming Virtual Healthcare

We bridge the gap between physical care and virtual care, enabling healthcare providers and educators to overcome the barriers of time, distance and training. Our hands-free, voice-activated, head-worn tablet allows clinicians to communicate in real-time with remote colleagues, pull up medical records, automatically access files and imaging during patient examinations, procedures, and consults.


  • HippoTM optimizes safety by reducing exposure to clinical teams working on complex patients in isolation zones.
  • HippoTM extends the capabilities of the available workforce, turning any clinician with a headset into a virtual specialist.
  • HippoTM enables faster triage, smarter clinical decision making, and reduces physician burnout through collaborative working.

Main Features

  • Combining utility, versatility and usability, the Hippo Virtual Care Platform has been built with end users at the center of solution design
  • Expanding access to clinical expertise and technologies to improve the quality of healthcare.
  • Hippo is transforming care in the field, at the hospital, in the classroom and at home by enhancing remote care through resilient solutions.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare industry
  • Emergency Resonders
  • Medical Education Institutions
  • Patients and Physicians.