Tidepool is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making diabetes data more accessible, actionable, and meaningful for people with diabetes, their care teams, and researchers. Tidepool’s free software liberates data from diabetes devices, and places it in context of the real world. Tidepool is designed to help you discover insights and bring context to your diabetes management.


  • For research: Gain insights from diabetes device data anonymously donated by Tidepool users through Tidepool Big Data Donation Project.
  • For those with diabetes: See data from all of your diabetes devices in one place and add context in real time — for free, forever.
  • For clinicians: See all of your patients’ data in a single, intuitive, user-friendly interface. Tidepool is free for clinicians, too.

Main Features

  • Share with anyone you want: You can invite others to view your data and even share notes with them.
  • Add notes and context: Create a digital diabetes diary by adding notes and context to your data.
  • Tidepool shows you your data in hourly, daily, and weekly interactive graphs so you can discover trends and patterns.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare providers and medical researchers focused on diabetes
  • Individuals with Diabetes