TytoCare Medical Exam Kit - Take the Guesswork out of Telehealth

TytoCare is a handheld exam kit and app that lets you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider, anytime, anywhere. More than just video: A full-stack platform and exam kit for accurate diagnosis and treatment


  • Doctors: Enhance care delivery efficiencies, improve load balancing and reduce the impact of heavy users to drive cost savings.
  • Patients: Prefer to use your own doctor? You can perform an exam on your TytoCare device and then email it to your doctor.
  • Patients: Our nationwide network of board certified doctors is available 24/7, which can be helpful when your doctor’s office is closed.

Main Features

  • Real Medical Exams: Examine the ears, lungs, heart, throat, skin, abdomen and temperature.
  • Deliver accurate diagnosis and treatments for your patients and build confidence amongst clinicians with clinical-grade medical exams.
  • Make telemedicine tangible with a hand-held device that consistently delivers adoption and utilization rates above industry averages.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Telehealth Industry
  • Doctors and Physicians
  • Patients