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Vecna Healthcare- Optimizing Workflows and Patient Care

Vecna balances cutting-edge development with a strong record of commercialization. We work closely with our business partners, academic institutions, and customers to develop technologies that automate processes for better healthcare practices.


  • This solution is flexible enough to scale with your organization, big or small.
  • Whether it’s an additional kiosk, clinic, or whole facility, we will work with you to make your growth as seamless as your operations.
  • Workflow Administration: Optimize patient flow, estimate wait times, report on clinical throughout, use digital waiting room displays.
  • Self-Registration & Scheduling Online : Streamline appointment requests, perform eligibility checks instantly, save patient preferences.

Main Features

  • Today, we are developing the tools necessary to keep up with a rapidly changing healthcare paradigm.
  • Our solutions give patients greater access, billing transparency, and convenience.
  • Our solutions give healthcare systems a competitive edge and valuable business insights.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Military Agencies