AutoLung Respiratory Assistance Device

Our mission is to provide a realistic and scalable solution to communities that have little to no ventilator stockpile to fight COVID. Our respiratory assistance device uses intelligent software design as the primary means to drive system performance. Our device can be built with low-cost ubiquitous mechanical parts while offering competitive performance and a superior user experience.


  • Accessible life-saving medical technology at the fraction of the typical cost
  • Empowering local communities to innovate their own respiratory assistance solutions from immediately available parts
  • In-app guidance allows users to set up and operate device with minimal training

Main Features

  • Easy to build with a wide range of locally sourced materials
  • Costs less than $210 USD
  • Free smartphone app to intuitively control of respiratory parameters
  • Software-derived solution allows for continuous improvement via updates from the cloud

Primary Audience

  • NGOs who want to support addressing healthcare disparity
  • Any resource-constrained medical facility (hospitals, clinics, etc...)
  • Governmental Health Ministries
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