Arable - Integrates Your Weather, Plant, & Soil Data all in One Place

Arable is the complete system that connects your decisions, plant insights, and weather observations to outcomes. Arable’s unique dataset, powerful agronomic models, and intuitive design help businesses across the agricultural spectrum optimize decisions, improve efficiency, and deliver sustainability. How can we help you?


  • Capture everything in the plant-soil-weather system with just one app.
  • Trust farm-tough durability to get all the measurements that matter.
  • Set up in minutes with the push of a button, and start seeing value immediately.

Main Features

  • Arable’s accuracy is built on a foundational machine learning algorithm that improves through an extensive calibration & validation network.
  • Arable tracks more than 40 weather and plant measurements to give deep visibility into climate variability, crop health, and more.
  • Arable Insights is a software suite that brings your data to life, from your field’s real-time weather conditions to advanced crop analytics

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Water and Resources Conservationists
  • Environmental Agencies