Docugami - Document Automation to Improve Nonprofit Operations

Docugami is a document engineering company that transforms how organizations create and maximize impact from their critical documents. Applying Artificial Intelligence to text documents, Docugami enables customized, automated reporting for all the information in existing agreements, and also assists nonprofits to follow best practices when creating new agreements.


  • Cut 50% of the labor, time, and pain in writing and following up on agreements.
  • No more ‘dark data!' Know everything that is in your business agreements, and use it to drive efficiency, compliance and insights.
  • AI helps you create new agreements with greater efficiency, precision, and consistency.
  • Free up staff for more strategic activities.

Main Features

  • Docugami learns from your organization’s own business agreements and makes recommendations to save time and reduce errors.
  • Works with your existing tools and workflows – no expensive IT resources, consultants or retraining needed
  • Automated reporting of terms, conditions, obligations
  • Assisted authoring for new contracts
  • Security, confidentiality, privacy assured

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofit Business Operations
  • Legal Services Providers
  • Documentation Of Social Services
  • Contract Managers

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