WeSeeThrough Wearable Technology for Research

We use the latest wearable and innovative video technologies to capture a first-person view of people’s lives for market research and insight. We demonstrate that what people SAY is not always what they DO. We sift through large amounts of first-person footage using our bespoke video analytics platform. Qualitative research through video has never before been possible at scale.


  • Increase company transparency to engage employees

Main Features

  • weseethrough can measure compliance in real time situations.
  • Employees send in anonymous vox-pops and we can show you a true sense of how the company feels.
  • Delivering data in an actionable format means you can focus on what needs to be done to re-engage your employees and see results.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofit organization research departments
  • Local Goverment Agencies
  • Social Entrepreneurs