Callisto Technology to Combat Sexual Assault

Our vision is a world where sexual assault is rare and survivors are supported. Our mission is to create technology that combats sexual assault, supports survivors, and advances justice. Callisto Campus is designed to detect repeat perpetrators and empower victims to make the reporting decision that feels right for them. Callisto is a nonprofit that gives survivors a new way to take action.


  • Our unique Matching system securely connects victims of the same perpetrator to identify repeat offenders.
  • Find Resources matched to your needs
  • Report assault more easily

Main Features

  • Create your private record to get matched with help resources
  • Identify repeat offenders
  • Empowers survivors, providing options and allowing disclosure in a way that feels safe

Primary Audience

  • Survivors of assault
  • Counselors of sexual assault survivors
  • Schools, universities and institutions that support survivors