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JDoe Brings Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors

By JDoe
JDoe is an anonymous, end-to-end encrypted reporting platform for survivors of sexual assault, rape, abuse and harassment to stop repeat offenders. By linking victims of mutual offenders with lawyers, JDoe encourages the pursuit of legal action to catalyze legal success and prevent future offenses. JDoe brings survivors better chances of justice being served plus resources for healing.


  • Identify repeat offenders - cases with multiple plaintiffs are both less harrowing for survivors and more likely to win in court
  • Provide direct access to civil lawyers and prosecutors, circumventing authorities who may not have survivors' best interests in mind
  • Ensure survivors and witnesses have complete control over their data: Nothing is sent to anyone, ever, until a user specifically requests it
  • When two or more users report the same perpetrator, they are notified and given the option to contact a local law firm

Main Features

  • Report: Report a rape, sexual assault, harassment, or abuse regardless of when, where, or with whom it occurred
  • Visualize: See active maps of reports or "heatmaps"
  • Alert: Option to set geofencing alerts to notify you when you enter an incident-dense area, to help you stay safe
  • Find: JDoe maps help you find local resources such as law enforcement, support groups, medical services, and counseling
  • Heal: Read inspiring survival stories and find awareness events, plus see what's being done and what you can do about sexual misconduct

Primary Audience

  • Law firms: personal injury and civil lawyers
  • Survivor advocates and victim support services
  • Survivors of sexual assault, harassment, abuse
  • Hospitals and medical services providing victim services
  • University or School Title IX offices investigating campus assault