Guild - Unlock Opportunity for America’s Workforce Through Education

Most education programs are inequitable — 67% of frontline employees cite not being able to pay upfront as a main reason for not using education and L&D benefits. We're changing that by connecting employers and high-value learning providers to create opportunity for America’s workforce.


  • Create a workplace that candidates want to join and employees don’t want to leave
  • Build the skills your workforce needs and power career mobility through intentional career pathways.
  • Increase equitable access to education and unlock opportunity for the 88 million Americans who are in need of education or upskilling.

Main Features

  • Guild is an education platform that upskills your workers and prepares your organization for the future.
  • Build an equitable education and upskilling solution powered by learning designed for working adults with 1:1 employee coaching.
  • Guild provides universities, certificate programs, and other education and training partners the unique opportunity to serve employees.

Primary Audience

  • The American Workforce
  • Human Resource Industry
  • Colleges and Universities