JoeZoo - Better Feedback & Grading Systems to Enhance Learning

Student learning and skills assessment is a fundamental part of Education yet it remains the most time consuming and least informative workflow on most learning platforms. JoeZoo is a feedback and grading app that helps teachers give more effective feedback, with 80% less effort, and guides students to build 21st Century Skills in every assignment.


  • Teachers use JoeZoo to save time building rubrics, giving student feedback and grading inside Google.
  • Students anonymously use JoeZoo to engage teacher feedback or to give self and peer feedback
  • JoeZoo converts all assessment and engagement data into proof of learning using Artificial Intelligence.
  • JoeZoo creates a digital portfolio, filled with proof of learning that teachers, students and parents can use in real-time.

Main Features

  • Assess in no time, see improvement in real-time
  • JoeZoo is an Artificial Intelligence powered assessment app that converts data into proof of student learning. Here's how it works.

Primary Audience

  • Primary Education
  • High Schools
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Parents
  • Teachers