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Capti Voice

By Capti
Capti Voice is a personalized reading support tool that uses a number of innovative reading supports that use Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing, including adaptive vocabulary games, contextual translation, language detection, etc. Capti is universal in that it works across content sources, content formats, devices, student abilities, age groups, etc.


  • Learn why students struggle to read
  • Get score reports with instructional activity recommendations
  • Ensure compliance and support your ELs and Special Ed. students with a single solution

Main Features

  • Assess, Accommodate, and Accelerate Reading
  • Use supports such as text to speech and contextual translation to improve comprehension
  • Accelerate reading by focusing interventions on the weakest skills that hold students back
  • Improve your students' grade level in reading and help them become independent learners

Primary Audience

  • K-12 Education
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Students and Teachers
  • English Language Learners