EdCuration - Matching Educators to Impactful Curriculum Resources

EdCuration was created for simplifying curriculum procurement. By simplifying the procurement process for educators and connecting them more readily to vendors who are innovative, forward-thinking, and offer authentic learning opportunities for kids, we dramatically improve teaching and learning in this country.


  • For Educators: Find innovative, evidence-based curriculum that works, and simplify your adoption process.
  • For Vendors: Share your curriculum resources with the world. Access buying-trends and gain leads.
  • We save time, money, and the frustration that comes from the lengthy curriculum purchasing process.

Main Features

  • EdCuration curates a collection of high quality learning programs into an online marketplace so access is easier than ever before.
  • We curate instructional materials and distill the best products to help meet your learning priorities and student needs.

Primary Audience

  • k-12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Teachers
  • Curriculum Vendors and Distributors