Solution Provider


FutureFit AI - A Career GPS for Upskilling your Workforce

We partner with companies and governments to help workers make faster, smarter, and more successful career transitions in the age of disruption and automation. From candidate pathway mapping to internal reskilling to reimagined outplacement, we take care of the hard stuff with our AI-powered operating system for career transitions. Help those most at risk find their next opportunity.


  • A one-stop shop for skilling, we provide an AI-powered operating system for career transitions
  • Reimagine layoffs and outplacement that leave you and your employees better off
  • Rethink your approach to talent management with intelligent reskilling and redeployment
  • Redesign employment services with personalized investment options built to scale
  • Our Marketplace for the future of work is built to ensure that every person has access to the resources and supports they need to succeed

Main Features

  • Access data and algorithms built from over 350M talent profiles and live demand data to better respond to transition trends
  • Our recommendation engine and career support tools can be configured to show employees transition options inside, outside, or both
  • Use our pathway and gap analysis tools to identify at risk occupations and deploy dollars for rapid reskilling

Primary Audience

  • Organizations and employees
  • Governments
  • Workers facing career transition