LuminDx - Helping Physicians Better Address Skin Conditions

LuminDx is developing cutting-edge technology that promises to better address some of the most common skin conditions. This includes a simple smartphone app to help physicians build the right differential diagnosis using computer vision and artificial intelligence. This helps every patient get the right care at the right time.


  • 2.3 billion people in the world seek help for skin issues every year, and 50% of these cases are misdiagnosed. LuminDx looks to change that.
  • Most doctors spend only ONE week learning dermatology in medical school - our app can ensure patients get the right care at the right time.
  • Skin diseases vary across skin color, body parts, and other factors - LuminDX looks to reduce inequalities within the healthcare system.
  • Guaranteed privacy and security for patients and physicians alike.

Main Features

  • LuminDx is building a technology that helps primary care physicians make quick and accurate decisions for every patient with a skin issue.
  • LuminDx is also building solutions to help identify patients that can benefit from new therapies to ensure each patient gets the right care.
  • We aspire to share this technology around the world, so every patient with a skin issue receives the right diagnosis and treatment.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Dermatologists
  • Patients