IncomeDiscovery - For a Full and Rich Retirement

Introducing the AI-powered platform that makes complex retirement decumulation simple. Our Advanced Income Discovery Analytics (AIDA) platform is already driving revenue growth in the wealth management and retirement plan industry. It’s delivered a Full & Rich Retirement to more than 106,000 retirees with $80 billion in assets, as of 12/31/20.


  • AIDA addresses Real World Questions: When can I retire? How much can I spend safely? Can I withdraw for an unplanned expense? From where?
  • AIDA combs through thousands of strategic options to determine a personalized optimal strategy for each client.
  • It discovers the precise plan that maximizes after-tax Safe Retirement Income by as much as 30%*.

Main Features

  • Reframe the conversation to focus on Safe Retirement Income - an income that has 90% opportunity of being available in the client's mid-90s.
  • Offer Safe Retirement Income planning with AIDA, through a direct-to-client app or as an advisor-facing module.
  • Generate personalized, clearly presented strategies with AIDA.

Primary Audience

  • Benefits Providers
  • HR Industry
  • Financial Advisors
  • The elderly at risk of financial insecurity