Discriminology - Fight for Racial Justice at Your School

With Discriminology you can compare school data, raise awareness around education issues and ensure your local schools are providing all children with the best education possible.


  • Discriminology’s school report cards help families to be more informed and engaged around local and systemic equity issues.
  • Bring equity issues to the attention of your local schools.
  • Connect with other families around local equity issues.
  • Put details of educational data into context to help communities gain deeper insights so they can better understand and use school data.

Main Features

  • Discriminology's Report Cards make it easy to find, rate, and share information on how fair and just your local K-12 schools are.
  • Take surveys, rate your school, & report unfair discipline.
  • Discriminology provides an interactive space for sharing ideas, content or research directly on a school’s report card.

Primary Audience

  • K - 12 Schools
  • Educators
  • Black and Brown Communities and Families
  • Nonprofits that serve marginalized communities