Fiveable - Reimagine the way we study APs together

Fiveable is an educational technology company that is committed to unlocking opportunities for young people through academic and social empowerment. At Fiveable we believe that students who are educated, confident, and informed will open more opportunities for their future. Fiveable is committed to delivering high quality, virtual teaching for advanced high school courses.


  • Social learning connects young people to each other so they can study and explore their futures together.
  • Receive free AP Test prep and tips for optimizing remote learning.

Main Features

  • Learn everything you need to know for the 2021 AP exams with resources created & edited by AP superstars like you.
  • New live streams, study guides, trivia games, and more every week.

Primary Audience

  • AP Students and Teachers
  • Highschools
  • Remote Learning Tech Industry