KeyGreenSolutions - Helping Hospitals Track Sustainability Programs

Our mission at Key Green Solutions is to automate and systematize data collection in a way that empowers organizations to be more efficient. We work directly with vendors and suppliers to ensure the most accurate data. We create information from the mounds of data that are created in healthcare systems.


  • Our software is both automated and systematized to view both the raw data as a point of reference or review, and in comprehensive reports.
  • The software is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The automated interface ensures that the data is updated in the dashboard, and continues to update as we receive new data.

Main Features

  • Track all of your energy sources (consumption and costs) in one place: Electricity, heating, water, cogeneration.
  • Analyze waste generation, recycling volumes, and cost trends over time, using benchmarks and performance report for each facility.
  • The Food Module provides robust metrics and food data collection essential for making healthy food purchasing changes.
  • Manage and measure many categories of product purchase including safer chemicals, smarter purchasing, paper and office supplies.

Primary Audience

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Industry