Mapdwell Solar - Solar Assessment Data to Discover Your Potential

The Mapdwell Project is about enabling communities with information that will drive sustainable practices, community awareness, energy efficiency, and smart development through the aggregate effort of individuals. By transforming accurate, open, and unbiased information into education and action, the project proposes an organic yet highly auspicious approach to the fossil fuel dilemma.


  • Data and tools to help you vet new deals, instantly verify feasibility, work with your own data
  • Solar System reveals every rooftop’s solar potential and empowers businesses and homeowners with the information they need to go solar!

Main Features

  • Mapdwell’s M.I.T. licensed technology yields highly accurate solar potential results.
  • Solar System presents your unique results in easy-to-understand metrics.
  • Solar System considers rooftop shape, local weather, and shading from nearby structures and/or vegetation.
  • System configuration using Solar System's design tools.

Primary Audience

  • Industry or individual looking to know their energy footprint
  • Private companies
  • Governments & cities