Agromovil - Connects Small Farmers Directly to Buyers and Markets

Agromovil is a global Match-Batch-Pay app platform that connects small farmers directly with buyers – to get product to market more efficiently and become dramatically more profitable. Currently, small-scale farmers lose nearly $300 B in potential revenue each year - $210 B to intermediaries & $90 B in harvested crops that never make it to market. Agromovil helps farmers unlock this trapped value.


  • Enables farmers and buyers to negotiate directly, removing layers of intermediaries
  • Functions as an arranger, NOT an intermediary, requiring almost no infrastructure on the ground, making it easy to scale/replicate
  • Puts more money in the pockets of small farmers everywhere and more food on the tables of a growing, hungry world
  • To combat COVID-19 Agromovil is taking action w/ a simplified, no cost version of the platform to help buyers & sellers arrange deals safely
  • Payments can be made in cash, or through an integrated payments platform – making transactions more secure & financial tools more accessible

Main Features

  • Farmers MATCH with buyers when crops are at their freshest.
  • Transporters BATCH pickup, so each trip is more efficient and profitable.
  • Buyers PAY on the platform, making payments faster and more secure.

Primary Audience

  • Farmers
  • Farmers Markets
  • Agricultural Buyers
  • Food Distributors
  • Rural Communities

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