OpenMeal - Connecting Hungry People with Local Restaurants

Coronavirus closures are causing a devastating impact on millions of newly unemployed people as well as many businesses, with the restaurant industry being hit the hardest. Our mission is to aid those who are affected by connecting them with impacted restaurants, providing meals for people in need of food and bringing business back to restaurants in need of customers through donated funds.


  • Empowering local restaurants while helping communities affected by COVID-19
  • Your donation will directly go to help both individual diners and restaurants. For every $20, we provide 2-3 meals.
  • Join OpenMeal as a diner to receive weekly meal credits and order meals directly from our partnered restaurants on our website.

Main Features

  • We're an online non-profit allowing those in need to order food from family-owned restaurants with money funded by our generous donors.
  • OpenMeal collects donations that are then distributed to participating diners as meal credits.
  • From there, people in need can use the credits to order food, filling hungry bellies and supporting local restaurants.

Primary Audience

  • Restaurant Industry
  • Nonprofits Fighting Hunger
  • Any individual suffering from food insecurity