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Our two-pronged approach offers skills-based workshops in all of our AWIP chapters globally, as well as a comprehensive Ambassadors program to introduce high-achieving PMs to executive mentors who can open the door to their next leadership opportunity. Since its founding, AWIP has experienced 2,000 percent growth, to a membership of more than 12,000.

Impactful mentoring programs to develop people and deliver results. Drive development and increase engagement without complicating your mentoring program. Leverage and scale the power of mentoring to make a difference in people’s lives while delivering meaningful results with the Chronus mentoring platform.

We believe that the success of every school rests on its ability to build, cultivate and leverage its network of supporters. The foundation of such a network is built on engaging students, alumni and donors first before asking for anything in return.

The platform that allows you to scale, manage and measure knowledge-transfer programs. Behind the scenes of every program, there’s a superhero program administrator. Through our platform, program admins can throw those excel sheets away and manage your program through our admin tool.

Fast Forward mobilizes the funding, resources, and support tech nonprofits need to create positive impact at scale. We are an organization building original technology and leveraging the nonprofit business model to scale social impact, not profit.

Verb is a learning and development platform for every employee. Verb provides leadership training to companies through a subscription-based model.