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Social Innovators in the US – Market Pulse June 2022

Social Innovators embrace social impact metrics as key performance indicators, double down on virtual or hybrid office environments, and expect double-digit revenue growth in 2022.

Social Innovators are individuals working as founders, executives, or leaders in a for-profit or nonprofit organization with an existing product or service that addresses one or more social impact areas.

In its second year, this exclusive research from X4Impact shows that 8 of every 10 Social Innovators expect at least double-digit revenue growth in 2022, despite the economic slowdown.

  • 90% of organizations generate revenues via sales, and most of them operate a Business to Business –B2B model.
  • Most Social Innovators chose a for-profit model for their companies, and one-third operate as 501c(3) nonprofits.
  • Regardless of legal structure, half of the organizations prioritize social impact as a critical measurement of success and think of results in terms of one or more UN SDGs.
  • Fiscal discipline is stronger in organizations structured as a for-profit.
  • The voice of the customer is not a key performance indicator, and the problem is particularly acute among those entities structured as a nonprofit.
  • Permanent virtual or hybrid office environments are here to stay.

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Released on Q1 2021

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